Kevin G. Patterson, Memphis Tennessee Disability Lawyer

When you need a Memphis attorney for a disability law issue, Call Kevin Patterson at KGP Law Firm.  We handle disability claims which can be divided into two areas: Social Security disability claims and disability insurance policy claims.

Social Security Disability Claims: If you have become disabled and have filed for Social Security disability benefits or need someone to assist you, in filing for benefits, call us.  In order to qualify for Social Security disability benefits, you must meet the qualifications.  To be considered disabled under the complex set of rules and regulations set out by the Federal government, you will be considered totally disabled if you are unable to do any kind of work for which you are suited and your total disability has lasted or is expected to last for at least one year, or results in death.  The disability can be due to a physical or mental condition, or a combination of a number of such conditions.  If you are found to be totally disabled, benefits will continue as long as you remain disabled.There is no age requirement for the receipt of disability benefits.  If the claimant is receiving disability benefits at age 65, the disability benefits are automatically converted to retirement benefits.Let us guide you through the application process and the hearing stage, in order to successfully obtain benefits for you.

Disability Insurance Policy Claims: When you purchase a disability policy or your employer provides a disability policy, sometimes it can be complex and frustrating to recover your benefits.  Each policy has its own definition of “disability” which you must meet; regardless of if you qualify for Social Security Benefits.  Let KGP Law Firm, assist you in obtaining benefits under your policy.

Contact KGP Law Firm, your Memphis Social Security Disability Lawyer, to discuss your case.