When You Need A Memphis Attorney For A Civil Litigation Issue, Call Kevin G. Patterson at KGP Law Firm

Civil law addresses the relationships amongst people and organizations.  A breach of contract which is not considered a criminal act is typically handled by a civil court.  KGP Law Firm can help you resolve a variety of civil law issues that you and your family or business may face.Some examples include:

Construction litigation
With the booming real estate market, many families have found themselves left alone to face construction issues with builders.  Having representation can help ensure that your matters are solved in a more timely and just manner.

Business or contract cases
Despite most businesses attempt to adhere to contractual obligations, frequently buyers can be left with unresolved and costly issues.  Kevin Patterson has experience recovering fair and just compensation for his clients. Kevin Patterson has successfully defended business and individuals as well on business or contract cases.

Insurance Disputes
Despite having insurance purchased to cover you, your family or your business in the event of a claim, sometimes disputes arise.  Kevin Patterson has been involved in the successful prosecution of claims involving automobile insurance coverage, uninsured motorist insurance coverage, homeowner’s insurance coverage, health insurance coverage, disability insurance coverage, and life insurance coverage, among others.  KGP Law Firm can help you recover or enforce the insurance policy protection you expected from the premium you paid.

We have the professional experience to provide you with an attorney in Memphis Collierville, Germantown and in Shelby County and Fayette County, Tennessee who will handle your civil matter promptly and thoroughly.  We have successfully represented clients in Tennessee civil courts as well as federal courts.

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